TREMA! THEATRE In the field of creation, TREMA! Plataforma premiered in October 2017 Altíssimo, a solo performance by Pedro Vilela with text based on the trading of Faith in Brazil by the award-winning playwright Alexandre dal Farra (Shell’s Dramatic Award in 2012).  During the last years these two artists investigated the transformation of Brazilian Neo Pentecostal church services into plays. 

The global growth of religious movements inspired by the Neo Pentecostal movement is one of the most surprising cultural phenomena of the present time. 

The Neo Pentecostal groups started as a contingent that presented themselves as a self-enclosed subculture averse to public exposure. Now they stand out not only due to their size in number, but mainly because of the growing visibility in the mainstream media and of the occupation of positions of power in the public sphere. Brazil is home to one of the largest versions of the Neo Pentecostal movement. One can say that to be Brazilian is to be spiritually receptive. Some traits give Brazil a distinctive character in its various forms of Christianity. The country is comprised of the largest Catholic population on Earth, the largest number of Pentecostal groups in the world and the largest Protestant representation in Latin America. Brazilians are more open to mediumistic religions than any other nation and have even created a solely Brazilian religion - Umbanda. 

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